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Do you want to simplify the process of tracking your sales reps' commissions and have a clear view of their sales performance? The Notion Commission Tracking template is designed to help you maintain an organized and efficient record of all commission transactions, providing you with a powerful tool to optimize your sales operations.

  • Sales Representative Database: Easily register your sales representatives with their key information such as name, phone number, email, join date, and more. From the sales representative's page, you can access and manage their commission history.

  • Commissions Database: Track all commission transactions: revenue, costs, profit, commissions, bonuses and deductions, commission payments, and more. Every detail is recorded for accurate and transparent management.

  • Summary Database: Get a comprehensive view of generated commissions, profits, payouts, and more. This feature allows you to quickly analyze and make informed decisions about sales incentives and strategies.

Simplify commission tracking and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.


  • Sales Representative

  • Commissions

  • Summary




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