Equipment Inspection Management



Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your equipment inspections with this comprehensive Equipment Inspection Management Template for Notion. Designed to streamline the inspection process, this template provides a structured approach to managing machinery, scheduling inspections, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. With easy-to-use databases and customizable fields, your team can focus on maintaining operational excellence.


- Machines: Manage detailed information about all the machines and equipment in your facility, including name, serial number, model, manufacturer, and location.

- Inspections: Track every inspection with details such as inspection date, machine, inspection type, inspector, status, inspection result, and observations. Get the instructions or description of the inspection from the selected inspection type.

- Inspection Type: Define inspection types, frequency, and predefined instructions.

- Staff: Maintain a database of your company's employees, including their job titles, contact information, certifications, and availability..

- Inspection Schedule:Set up an inspection schedule for each machine. Automatically retrieves the last inspection date and displays the next inspection date.




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