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Keeping track of your vehicle's maintenance has never been easier. This Notion template is designed to help you manage your vehicles and record all the maintenance activities efficiently.

Here's what you'll find in our template:

  1. 🚗 Vehicles Database: Register your vehicles and input essential data about each one, including year, vin, license plate number, pruchase info, and more.

  2. 🔧 Maintenance Log: Record all maintenance activities, whether it's routine servicing, repairs at workshops, refueling, cleaning, or any other task related to your vehicle's upkeep.

  3. Reminders: Never forget important tasks again. Use this database to jot down reminders for upcoming maintenance, cleaning schedules, mandatory inspections, and more. You can link these reminders to specific vehicles for easy organizatio

  4. 👨‍🔧 Service Providers: Keep track of the service providers you frequently use, such as repair shops, gas stations, car washes, etc.

  5. 🧮 Summary: Get insights into your vehicle maintenance habits with a quick view of statistics.

With this Vehicle Maintenance Log template, you can streamline your vehicle management process and ensure that your vehicles stay in top condition. Say goodbye to missed maintenance tasks and hello to a well-maintained fleet!


This Vehicle Maintenance Log template is ideal for:

  • Individual Vehicle Owners: Whether you have one car or a fleet, this template helps you stay organized and on top of maintenance tasks.

  • Fleet Managers: If you manage a fleet of vehicles for a business or organization, this template can streamline maintenance tracking across multiple vehicles.

  • Car Enthusiasts: For those passionate about cars and meticulous about maintenance, this template provides a comprehensive system to track every detail.

  • Families with Multiple Vehicles: If your household has multiple cars, vans, or motorcycles, this template can help ensure that each vehicle receives timely maintenance.

In summary, the Vehicle Maintenance Log template caters to a diverse range of users who seek an organized and efficient system for managing vehicle maintenance records. Whether you're an individual owner or a business this template is designed to meet your needs and keep your vehicles running smoothly.


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  • Maintenance Log

  • Service Providers

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