Equipment Rental Management


This template allows you to manage and track rental equipment and bookings. Adaptable for any type of rental product, including event equipment, cameras, vehicles, machinery, and audio/video.


1️⃣ Rentals:

  • Efficiently organize and track your rental contracts or projects.

  • View key dates, duration, total amount, total paid, pending payments, and other crucial details in a single view.

  • Easily manage equipment and associated payments directly from the rental page.

2️⃣ Rental Items:

  • The "Rental Items" database focuses on rental lines, recording each specific equipment in the contract.

  • When selecting equipment, it automatically calculates the total amount based on the rental duration and daily equipment rate.

  • On the Dashboard, visualize a clear timeline of all rentals.

3️⃣ Equipment:

  • Maintain a comprehensive inventory record, including the daily rate.

  • Quickly check the current status of equipment—whether it's available or rented.

  • On the equipment page, review the timeline of associated rentals.

4️⃣ Customers:

  • Manage vital customer information, such as contact details and rental history.

5️⃣ Payments:

  • Keep an organized track of all payments related to rentals.

  • Record the status and dates of each payment.


This "Equipment Rental Management" Notion template is ideal for:

  • Rental Companies: Streamline equipment management and enhance billing processes.

  • Entrepreneurs: Efficiently manage rentals and grow your new business.

  • Production Teams: Easily coordinate equipment usage for audiovisual projects.

  • Event Organizers: Efficiently handle equipment rentals for special events.

  • Freelancers: Keep a clear and professional track of your equipment rentals.

Make rental management easier and more successful for your industry! 🚀✨


  • Rentals

  • Rental Items

  • Equipment

  • Payments

  • Customers




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